In 1996 Stevie Smith was a full-time 410 sprint car driver.  Smith Racing was his company and they built some of the lightest motors and chassis on the market. In an effort to keep his equipment the lightest and strongest, that year he found a small aircraft company which sold titanium bolts that could also be used on sprint cars.  He bought that company and used the bolts on his cars.  Stevie also began selling titanium aircraft bolt kits for sprint cars to dealers.  

Years later as his racing career changed, Stevie decided to begin selling bolts not only to dealers but also to individual racers.  From there, Smith Precision Products was born.  Originally, aircraft parts that needed to be modified to fit sprint cars were sent back to the aircraft manufacturer.  Stevie quickly learned that this process wasn’t feasible for the racing industry, so he began to learn from the aircraft manufacturers the methods and processes of manufacturing, thread rolling, and modifying aircraft titanium bolts.  

As his knowledge of manufacturing titanium bolts and hardware grew, Stevie decided to invest in five thread rolling machines, a tensile tester, automatic screw machines, and a CNC lathe with live tooling so that specifications for custom fasteners could be done in-house.  The purchase of these machines also provided us with the in-house ability to manufacture hardware from start to finish.  The tensile tester machine specializes in showing us the exact strength of our fasteners as well as our competitors’ fasteners.  Smith Precision Products can now offer a line of aircraft fasteners as well as a new line of Smith Titanium fasteners.  We’ve also been able to expand our products into the realm of dirt midgets, dirt late models, modifieds, micro-sprints, trucks, funny cars and drag cars.  

Today in Broken Arrow, OK under a 5,000 square foot facility we can both manufacture and modify titanium and steel fasteners using the same method as the aircraft industry.  With this capability, our fasteners are the strongest in the racing industry.  We also offer very competitive prices.  The launching of this website now allows our products to be sold to dealers, racers and the general public.