Grants Wins the BC39 with Smith Ti Arms

What a way to extinguish a dry spell! Justin Grant struggled for most of 2023, but this weekend he brought home wins on both his qualifying night and the final night at the BC39 at the Dirt Track at IMS.

This weekend was also the first time Grant bolted on the Smith Titanium Rear Ti Torsion Arms for Midgets. Strong torsion arms add extra confidence on elbows up tracks like IMS where the racing is close and slide jobs are everywhere.

The Smith Ti Torsion Arms for midgets are made from 6AL4V titanium and are unlikely to break at the spline during a crash. These arms have the same spring rate as aluminum arms but have the added advantage of spring back, memory, and strength.

We’re proud to be on board with Grant and the entire RMS Race Team. Congrats on a big win!

Photo credit: USAC

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